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KT1 Triathlon cycling shoes, made entirely from Engineered Knit for super-fast performance and a perfect fit. Find out more.

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KT1 in every detail

Find out all there is to know on these triathlon cycling shoes.

The KT1 knit shoe construction lends itself perfectly for triathletes, offering exceptional breathability, fast drying, excellent sockless comfort as well as outstanding fit and support. Carefully developed with on the bike performance and fast transitions in mind. The BOA® Fit System and carbon sole boost reliability and will turn the power of the cyclist into speed.

● Full Engineered Knit upper.

● Variable thickness and knit structures for ultimate comfort.

● Boa® Fit System with single IP1 dial.

● Knitted rear pull tab for fast transitions.

● Air Tech Carbon outsole.

● 8 mm front-rear cleat adjustability.

To ensure the most effective and safe cleaning of the KT1 shoes, we recommend you use mild soap or a damp cloth. Never use solvents, paint thinners or harsh chemical products. To find out more about how to care for your shoes, please see the relative section.

All DMT shoes have a 2-year warranty.

Read our conditions to find out more.

Our shoes are normally delivered within working 5 days. To find out more about our shipping policy and returns conditions, please see the relative section

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